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IT setup examples

MySQL 8 password reset

Mysql 8 has different method resetting pw then mysql 5. First is needed to set empty auth string

In Linux:

Stop mysqld

service mysqld stop

Start MySQL with skip grant tables

mysqld --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking --user=mysql &

Set authentication empty string


mysql -u ro...

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27th Jan 2023

Get back PHP7.4 on FreeBSD

Recently freebsd did drop (reason: eol) php7.4 support in FreeBSD and it is not available via packages or latest ports anymore. This guide will get back php7.4 from ports using help of git commit log. Last ports php7.4 related (update to php 7.4.33) commit was in git 27ac371f93d36f77f00b8da261e496...

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17th Jan 2023