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IT setup examples

Kerberos setup on Almalinux 8

Installing Kerberos on Almalinux 8

This installation is going to require 2 servers one acts as kerberos KDC server and the other machine is going to be client. Lets assume the FQDN's are (here cw.com is the domain name, make a note of the domain name here):

  • Kerberos KDC Server: kdc.cw.com
  • K...

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29th Dec 2022

Install postgresql on Almalinux 8

Installing postgresql

dnf install postgresql
dnf install postgresql-server

Enable postgres service

systemctl enable postgresql.service

Initialize postgresql Files

postgresql-setup initdb

Setup postgresql

Set METHOD of address and ::1 to trust at the pg_hba.conf file...

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29th Dec 2022